Wilbert Jones was arrested in 1972 for a brutal rape in which the only evidence against him was the eyewitness identification of the victim, who later told the police that the man who assaulted her had a much rougher voice than Mr. Jones’ and was significantly taller than him.

IPNO began working on Mr. Jones’ case in 2005. After years and years of dogged investigation, we found a serial rapist who exactly matched the description of the perpetrator the victim gave (most notably in the ways she had said Mr. Jones differed from her attacker) and who committed a virtually identical rape less than four weeks later. The new evidence of the serial rapist caused state District Judge Richard Anderson to vacate Mr. Jones’ conviction on October 31, 2017, and allow him to be released on the most nominal bail November 15, 2017. IPNO continues to fight for his exoneration.

Wilbert Jones, center, with his sister-in-law Wilda (L) and niece Wajeedah (R), walking out of prison.