Freed: October 20, 2023

Incarcerated 14 years, 5 days

At the age of 53, David Henry was sentenced to 50 years in prison without the possibility of parole for sale of one rock of cocaine to an undercover police officer. He was convicted by a non-unanimous jury of acting as the “go-between” in the transaction, passing the cocaine from the person selling it to the police officer. The person selling the cocaine got a 15 year sentence.

IPNO learned of Mr. Henry’s case and determined that the parole restriction on his sentence was illegal. In late 2022 a judge agreed to remove the parole restriction and, after months of IPNO’s continued advocacy, Mr. Henry was resentenced from 50 years to 15 years, allowing for his release on October 20, 2023. He was greeted by his sister Juanita Daniels.

Mr. Henry should have been allowed to go before the parole board years ago, and would have but for the error made in his case which the judge, prosecutor and defense attorney allowed to stand. People can stay in prison with illegal sentences that they don’t even know they have—there is no failsafe in the system to fix those illegalities. IPNO helps identify people serving illegal and/or excessive sentences and works to help those people come home. We’re so glad Mr. Henry is finally out.

Please help welcome him home with a donation to his freedom fund or gift from his wish list.