Freed: October 7, 2023

Incarcerated 15 years, 1 day

Clydel Cummings was sentenced to life in prison for a drug offense.  At the time of his conviction and sentence, he was not eligible for parole. But IPNO represented him under a law that passed in 2021 recognizing that people serving life sentences for non-violent crimes should have the opportunity to prove their readiness for freedom. While in prison, Clydel became a Class A trustee, participated in many rehabilitative programs, and mentored other incarcerated people. As an avid woodworker and painter, Clydel spent time in the hobby shop every day and sold his art and furniture at the Angola rodeo.  He also donated furniture and clocks he made to the United Way. He served 15 years before he walked free.  He left prison with dozens of pieces of art and his cat Peggy, ready to restart his life with family in California.

Help Clydel restart his life in California by donating to his freedom fund or purchasing an item from his wish list.