IPNO’s Monday Memo:

Keep Hope and Fight On

Last week, we took a step back from sheltering in place to express our gratitude for all of the things that give us hope and unite us during these stressful times. Inspired by people in New York City and around the world who have taken to clapping from their homes to thank workers on the front lines of the coronavirus outbreak, we, too, seized a moment to give collective thanks for family, friends, and essential workers.

We asked you to tell us what you are grateful and hopeful for during these challenging times so we can lift and encourage one another, and we were bowled over by your response. Thank you for sharing.

As we all continue to socially distance, help each other, and support those in need, let’s never forget what makes us resilient and strong. This pandemic has magnified the many systemic inequities in our country, and we take this moment to recognize what we are grateful for in order to gather our resources to fight for those who are made more vulnerable as a result.