IPNO Expense Code Cheat Sheet


7511 Hiring/Intern Recruitment

  • Job posting site fees
  • Career fair/tabling fees

7501 Computers/Software

  • Computers or software purchased by Dovie Consulting, excluding his payment
  • Slack
  • Zoom
  • Microsoft
  • Bill.com software subscription
  • DropBox
  • Does NOT include LLEAD-related software

8115 Kitchen/Building Supplies

  • Office decorations (i.e. framed client photos)
  • Kentwood water delivery
  • Cold drinks, snacks, paper towels, paper plates, cutlery, coffee, tea, milk, etc.

8111 Office Supplies – anything programmatic. Billed to grants

  • Printer paper
  • Pens, pencils, paperclips, staples, folders, binders, 3 hole punches, flash drives, etc.
  • Letterhead and envelopes

7510 Retreat/Gatherings

  • Staff birthday cakes/treats
  • Staff happy hour supplies (beer, cold drinks, snacks)
  • Plates, cups etc. for a SPECIFIC event (happy hour, client welcome, etc)
  • Client welcome home lunches/parties
  • Actual retreats
  • Staff holiday dinner

8140 Postage/Delivery

  • Mailing fees for OPERATIONAL purposes (excluding merchandise)
  • Any mail to freed clients (i.e. sending Amazon wish list items or other non-legal documents)

7999 Miscellaneous Expenses



8110 Merchandise

  • Costs of production or design of any merchandise
  • Any mailing of merchandise (via PirateShip, USPS, etc)

8104 Special Events

      8104-1 Facility

  • Venue rental fee
  • Other non-program related venue costs (i.e. security, insurance, etc)

       8104-2 Program – related to what happens on stage in a production sense

  • audio engineer
  • film production
  • fees related to anyone on stage (i.e. boutonnieres for clients)
  • stage equipment rental

     8104-3 Catering

  • Food purchased for guests (caterer, food truck, etc)
  • Food purchased for volunteers or staff members day-of event
  • Payment of bartenders
  • Alcohol purchased for event

     8104-4 Travel/Keynote

  • Speaker honorariums (excluding clients)
  • Speaker or honoree travel (hotel, airfare, taxis, Ubers)

    8104-5 Materials          

  • Graphic design/printing costs for any printed materials
  • Miscellaneous items like coat rack, hangers, etc

     8104-6 Auction/Decorations

  • Photobooth fees
  • Photographer fees
  • Flowers
  • Linens
  • Branded items (i.e. cups, napkins)

8103 Networking/Travel/Meetings- Fundraising-related travel

  • Parking for a meeting
  • Mileage or other travel to a meeting (plane, train, Uber, taxi)
  • Meal or beverage purchase for a meeting with an external person

8102 Fundraising Mailing/Appeal

  • Postage and printing for fundraising (not communications) related materials
  • For newsletter with year-end appeal, appeal materials printing (letter, remit envelope) and postage, but not the newsletter itself

8101 Books/Subscriptions

  • Fundraising related books or magazines subscriptions
  • e. St. Charles Avenue Magazine, Biz Magazine

8105 Miscellaneous Fundraising Expenses



8539 Books/Subscription

  • Communications related books or magazines subscription

8550 Website and Online Tools

  • Facebook ads
  • Website Maintenance and upgrades
  • Flickr account
  • Bloomerang account
  • One-off online subscriptions to communications/development tools

8510 Mailings and Materials

  • Holiday cards
  • Newsletter design, printing and posting
  • Event mailings

8530 Tabling

  • Fees for tabling at events, i.e. Essence Fest, community markets, etc.
  • Materials needed for tabling (i.e. new IPNO branded tablecloth, new tables, etc)

8540 Travel/Networking

  • Communications-related travel, i.e. to communications conferences or other meetings. Plane tickets, parking, Ubers or taxis, etc.
  • Food or beverage purchased for a communications meeting

8580 Content Creation

  • Photo, video creation for communications purposes
  • Graphic design for communications

8560 Miscellaneous Communications



Program: General

8700 Public Education

  • Consultants for LLEAD & other LLEAD programmatic costs that do not fit into existing categories

8600 Staff Development

  • Conference fees (i.e. Innocence Network Conference)
  • All STAFF costs associated with Innocence Network Conference (hotel, travel, per diem)
  • CLEs

8350 Policy – Expenses related to IPNO’s policy efforts

  • Mileage for travel to legislature/meetings
  • Printing and other materials for use in legislative and related meetings

7570 Professional Dues

  • Bar dues for attorneys, Innocence Network dues, etc.

8300 Re-Entry (Exoneree Assistance)

      8300-1 Direct Client Support

  • Direct payment to IPNO clients (financial assistance, emergency financial assistance, etc)
  • Meals with freed clients
  • Sympathy cards, flowers, etc.

      8300-2 Client Cell Phones

  • Monthly payment for client cell phones in 1st year of release
  • Purchase of client cell phone + case + screen protector
  • Replacement phones for clients

      8300-3 Travel

  • Gas reimbursement for clients attending IPNO-initiated events
  • Plane tickets
  • Ubers, Taxis, Lyfts
  • Train or bus tickets
  • Staff mileage reimbursement for driving freed clients

      8300-4 Education/Training

  • Training or education programs or fees

      8300-5 Medical

  • Payment of medical bills or copays
  • Medication
  • Eyeglasses

      8300-6 Legal

  • Legal fees for clients (immigration, divorce, traffic tickets, attachments)

       8300-7 Housing

  • Payment of rent, security deposit, first and last
  • Hotels, Airbnbs or other temporary housing

      8300-8 Honorarium

  • $100 honorariums for speaking engagements or media

8311 Automobile Expenses (IPNO Vehicle ONLY)

  • Gas for IPNO car (not rental or personal car)
  • IPNO car maintenance (oil change, tire rotation, repairs)

8311-71 Auto Insurance (IPNO Vehicle ONLY)

8400 Miscellaneous Program Expenses



8180 Books/Subscriptions

  • Law/statute books
  • Lexis Nexis, Westlaw, Pacer, TLO, JeffNet, etc.
  • LLEAD related i-cloud and software, i.e. Microsoft Azure, Heroku, Google Cloud, etc.

8270 Copies – covers copy expenses for all legal documents; anything where you’re paying per page

  • Public records requests, clerk copy fees, copies of records, etc.
  • Does NOT cover court fees, court filing fees
  • Digital copies
  • Exhibits or photos printed for court etc.

8261 PRA Litigation

8262 Car Purchase (IPNO Car)

8260 Cell Phones

  • All staff cell phones
  • Securus Calls

8240 Meals/Per Diem

  • Per diem – ½ day (8 hours) – $25, i.e. trip to Angola.
  • Per diem – full day – $50 (includes an overnight)

8210 Court Fees/Document Cost

  • Covers court fees, court filing fees, or fees to check out a document
  • Does NOT cover copies of records or other copy fees by agencies

8220 Postage/Delivery

  • Legal mail or other case related mailings
  • JPay Stamps

8230 Travel

  • Case related travel, including airfare, rental car, parking or other transportation for cases
  • Mileage when you use your own car

8250 Forensic/DNA Testing/Experts

  • DNA experts, eyewitness Identification experts or other paid experts for case related issues
  • DNA testing costs and all associated costs (mailing etc.)
  • Forensic testing costs and all associated costs (mailing etc.)
  • Does NOT cover professional legal consultants (immigration attorneys, other defense attorneys, paid consult, etc.)

8263 Miscellaneous


6510 IT

  • Dovie Consulting or other IT professionals

6522 Legal

  • Professional legal consultants: immigration attorneys, other defense attorneys, paid consult, etc.

6520 Other

  • Finance contractor

6521 Fundraising

  • Fundraising consultants, i.e. extra event planners brought on for gala