Innocence Project New Orleans (IPNO) is hosting our virtual 19th anniversary gala fundraiser from August 28, 2020 through September 6, 2020, and we are asking for your help to make our fundraiser successful by donating to the silent auction.

Founded in 2001, IPNO frees innocent, life-sentenced prisoners, supports them living well and fully in the world after release and advocates for sensible criminal justice policies that reduce wrongful convictions.

We have freed or exonerated 36 innocent clients who served over 873 years in prisons between them. Our most recently freed client, Elvis Brooks was released after spending 42 years, 2 months, 27 days wrongly incarcerated – since his arrest as a teenager in 1977.

We are the only office in Louisiana dedicated to exonerating factually innocent inmates with life sentences—AT NO COST TO THEM OR THEIR FAMILIES. The only way we can do this is through fundraising.

We know this might be a tough time to ask you to help. But if you can, simply fill out this form and return it by August 14th (our fax, e-mail and address are listed on the form). If your donation can’t easily be mailed, we can send someone to pick it up (in the Greater New Orleans area). And your donation is tax deductible!

As our auction will be online – it will reach people locally and beyond. We will e-mail details to nearly 7,000 supporters and promote extensively through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You will also be listed in our upcoming newsletter, mailed to over 6,000 people.

If you need further information about donating an item, please contact Cat Forrester at 504-330-2111 or

On behalf of IPNO’s clients, we thank you for your time and generosity in considering our request.

Money raised from our event will allow us to continue providing free legal representation to the wrongly incarcerated, support our clients when they come home, and advocate for sensible criminal justice policies to prevent wrongful convictions.