Eyewitness identification procedure reforms

Experts nationwide have identified simple reforms that law enforcement agencies can adopt to reduce the risk of mistaken identifications. They include:

  1. Administering the array or line-up “double-blind;”
  2. Using the “sequential” method of showing photographs or suspects to a witness;
  3. Giving an instruction to the witness that the perpetrator may or may not be present; and
  4. Videotaping the conduct of the line-up or array.

For further reading on eyewitness identification procedure reforms see Professor Gary Wells' Web site or The Problem of False Confessions in the Post-DNA World by Steven A. Drizin and Richard A. Leo.

IPNO advocates the adoption of all of these procedures in law enforcement agencies and advocates for a corroboration rule that would require the presentation of corroborating evidence in addition to eyewitness testimony in order for a jury to be able to convict in violent felony cases.

Angola Prision